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My Creations, DIY and more


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To Make A Skirt...Niki-Style


First cut 2 peices of fabric the width of your waist divided in half plus 2 inches


Then pin a strechy peice of fabric on one side of each peice...
I used a peice of a black t-shirt


Then I used colored permantent markers to "jazz" up the fabric some...then sew each strechy peice (black part) to the next regular fabric edge so u have a cute skirt...adjsustments may be needed...ahhh...sorry for the shirt directions...I'll post a pic when I'm done with this one...

Make you own shoelaces

First find the awesomest ribbon you own...try thicker ribbon
Then cut the ribbon to the proper length using your old crappy shoelaces...
After that wrap the ends in a funky tape or dip them in a wax or sealent...glue works well too...what you need if a stiff non-fraying end...
Then lace up and rock your new laces

Tools and Materials

Ribbon Laces
~a ribbon long enough to thred through your shoes
~tape or a sealent like glue or reisen
Toothbrush Bracelts
~A toothbrush
~A pot of boiling water big enough for the toothbrush
~A kinda thick towel
~adult supervision if you admit that you need it near anything remotly

Toothbrush braclets...yay!!!

Ok first make sure that your toothbrush doesn't have any soft grippee stuff...once that melts I highly doubt it will come off the bottom of ANY pot...

Would be a pic of my bracelets...but I beleive they are still at the Donna's house...on the floor
And so sorry but u can't make me...even though u no how hot I am...

Then put a pot of water on the stove to boil...

Step 3: Put the toothbrush in the boiling water and count to 30...
Step 4: While your counting put a towel around your wrist...
Step 5: Take it out of the water with tongs or a fork and wrap it around the towel on your wrist for the correct shape...but don't make it too tight...
Step 6: Then get pliers or tweezers and pluck out the bristles while the brush is still warm...beleive's A LOT easier...