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Tips and Shit

Well can't garentee this will help...but try it anyway


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Ok so tips about all thats good about DIY...


When stenciling the first step to wonderful stencils is a wickedly sharp x-acto knife or the kind of x-acto that has one blade with breakable sections...then make sure that what you want to stencil is in a stencil-able form...if there are islands of color that aren't connected to other islands that color your in trouble...and the easiest paper to use when startign out is printer paper that is covered in clear packaging tape on both sides...this makes sure that it won't warp terribly after you spray/paint on your stencil for the first time... and good luck!!!

Pinning Clothes (for modification)

If your trying to modify a shirt or other article of clothing and you know that you'll be pinning it with the personin the person in the clothes...make sure it's inside out so after your done pinning you can just begin to sew...and be careful...Jo told me it's painful to get a pin in the


So if you have a hemming job that needs to be done quick here are some options...
use ducttape or packaging tape and tape the end up so it's the right length...then iron so theres a nice end...
Staple or safety pin it and be you...that is lazy
after that temporary hemming use a machine and sew along the bottom or hand hem it so theres no seam line...

Please Help Me Out Too

I have a few ideas that need any old AOL or promotional CDs that you have lying around...I will pay shipping fee if you have any to give...

If anyone has small tootsie roll wrappers or candy wrappers like starbursts that they have in bulk could u please contact me so I can use them in an idea I have...I will pay shipping...

If anyone has any old clothes or crafting stuff they don't want contact me and I'll take it (if I like...)


any ideas??? other than a "cork board"???